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    Tarini Vaidya, spent 25 years in the banking sector in India, and specialised in the Financial Markets area. At the end of 2010 she voluntarily resigned her full time job to focus on bespoke training and consultancy. She operates under the brand name Double-Edge Executive Development, and focuses on the banking, financial services and insurance space. Tarini delivers all workshops herself, leveraging on her long experience in the financial markets as well as her communication skills. The content of each workshop is designed after intensive discussions with stakeholders to ensure content that is most suitable to the learning and development needs of her clients. Her clients include banks, brokerages, insurance companies and mutual funds, and companies with foreign exchange exposure. Tarini also delivers guest lectures in business schools.
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    Consultancy Services

    Specialised consultancy services for banks and financial institutions in the area of foreign exchange : process reviews, controls, job descriptions, best practices.

  • Guest Talks

    Guest Talks

    Guest speaker : Practitioner's perspective on various areas of financial markets such as foreign exchange, derivatives, fixed income securities and money markets in India.

    Interview preparation : Development of essential skills that prospective employers are looking for today.

    Mock trading games : Foreign exchange and bond trading games, to hone participants' trading skills and prepare them for a career in Financial Markets.
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    My e-mail address : double-edge@live.in
    My mobile number : +91.99308.46392
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